What Sets LJM Landing Above Other Stoney Creek Condos For Sale?

If you’ve been looking for a new condo in Stoney Creek, you need not look any further. LJM Landing is an up-and-coming community that’s slated to be the gold standard of all other Stoney Creek condos. You have to see it to believe it, but before that, we want to explain to you why Landing is a condominium you need to have on your radar. Here’s why LJM Landing needs to be on your radar.

Beautifully designed

When we say you have to see our new condos in Stoney Creek to believe it, we really mean that. LJM Landing is going to be the envy of the neighbourhood, and one quick look at the building when it’s finished and you’ll become a believer. Our units feature generous balconies and terraces that overlook the beauty of the GTA. It’s a modern look for a modern neighbourhood.


Thoughtfully designed Green Wall

You’re going to be hearing about it for years to come, so we’ll introduce you to it now. The Green Wall utilizes one of the latest trends in urban mid-rises – blending the architecture of the modern world with organic, natural living and breathing greenery. The Green Wall looks as if nature has taken ahold of the building – exactly the type of living and breathing look that LJM Developments was hoping for.

Architecture blends with the parks

The natural beauty of the building perfectly with the parks and outdoor areas around Stoney Creek. We want to keep the neighbourhood beautiful while hopefully starting a trend for the coming decades. Buildings that encompass natural, living beauty make our neighbourhoods look all the better and when we’re finished we think you’re going to agree that LJM Landing adds a depth of beauty to the neighbourhood.


Amenities to keep life convenient

When you’re on your way home, the last thing you want to do is to go out of your way to run a few errands. LJM Landing is systematically positioned in a place where you don’t have to go far for anything. No matter if you want to pick up Tim Horton’s on the way home or you want to visit the Eastgate Square and Fiesta Mall to kill an hour, it’s all just a walk away. Whether you need to get your shopping done quickly or simply need a quick coffee break, you’re just a skip away from the best of Landing.

Various 1-2 bedroom floor plans

Your life cannot easily be shoved into a one-size-fits-all box – a Stoney Creek condo’s floor plan shouldn’t try to do the same. We offer 1-2 bedroom floor plans that vary as widely as the people that live in Stoney Creek. Ranging from the 473-sq. ft. to a whopping 1130-sq. ft. units complete with balconies, terraces, and the like, our spacious floor plans have something to satisfy everyone. No matter if you prefer to have a walk-in closet, a den, or something else entirely, reach out to us and ask about which floor plan is perfect for your lifestyle.

Affordably priced

The great thing about new condos in Stoney Creek is that the condo market is continuing to boom as more get built all the time. It’s a great investment and one of the best first homes anyone can buy. Coupled with our modern design, floor plans, and incredible location in the Stoney Creek neighbourhood of Hamilton. Buy now and watch your investment grow while living in your own home – the very best of both worlds.

It’s what’s now

We don’t have to tell you what you already feel: the world is changing, and so too is the GTA. People want to live in a home that feels built for them: thoughtfully designed with amenities and features designed to make life more convenient and less worrisome, providing more time to worry about the important things in life: friends, family, and your never-ending pursuit of happiness. LJM Landing is what’s new, it’s now, and it’s all for you. Register today, and ask us how to reserve your own special place at LJM Landing!